The Lithuanian Project

Inspired by Henri Cartier Bresson's The Europeans, a group of photographers decided to head to Lithuania to explore what defines modern Europe.

Since Cartier-Bresson's work, the European Union has expanded and the single currency has been introduced, yet the continent is currently going through turbulent times.

Over six days, photographers from the MAP6 collective set out to see how Lithuania had adapted from communism to capitalism.

Barry Fauk photographed a bunker within a former Soviet telecommunications centre now used for educational purposes.

"Within this set space is the re-enactment: an actor is employed to issue out a torrent of abuse at the audience," writes Fauk.

"It is a one man tour de force, a piece of absurdist theatre designed to highlight the absurdity of real events.

Afterwards the actor, in full KGB uniform, asks the audience whether they like their freedom - the implicit message being that the absurdities and horrors of the past need to be remembered so as not to be repeated."

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