Afghanistan’s Ahmad Wali Hotak knocks out his Russian opponent

The Afghan Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Ahmad Wali Hotak knocked out his Russian opponent during a major fight in Moscow last night.

Hotak knocked Ivan Kozachenko during the first round of the match with back to back punches and knees by starting the fight aggressively.

He congratulated the Afghan nation following his impressive win and thanked his sensiors for their efforts to organize international matches for him.

The match was hosted by The Fight Night in Moscow, the capital city of Russia.

Hotak received his first medal in Mixed Martial Art fights in 2009 and his latest fight came almost four months after he defeated one of Russia’s MMA fighters.

According to the professional record of Hotak, he has so far secured victories in at least 20 MMA matches.

This comes as the another Afghan MMA fighter Baz Mohammad Mubariz defeated his Kyrgyz opponent during the Octagon Fighting Sensation (OFS 9) in Kyrgyzstan on Thursday night.

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